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The focus of the Arab-quality reservoirs of the most important priorities have always been keen to control the production from the first step in the processing of raw materials and the manufacturing and shipment of products to the end customer is in this spirit and we have sought tirelessly to produce the satisfaction of the customer in accordance with the standards of thought and established company has obtained the Arab for water tanks on the ISO quality certification ISO 9001:2000 for the third year in a row

Information Service
We believe that experience is not purchased, but acquired, and over the years since the founding of the Arab reservoirs we have to give consultations with regard to the use of our products and installation methods and status in order to ensure consumer safety and comfort.

Service delivery
The Arab reservoirs for the delivery of products the customer (within the scope of distribution centers) by using carriers equipped with cranes, and the hands of trained and specialized workforce and that the interests of the client and the rest in order to preserve the property ..

Service lift
Arabic is the lifting of the tanks to the roofs of their buildings free of charge by using a specialized cranes and trained by the assistance of the performance of the task with efficiency.

Security service
We do not forget the Arab reservoirs in our products, so we ensure our products and for long periods of time of any sale of industrial and our goal is customer confidence.

Special services
Arabic is the production of tanks, reservoirs, the use of special materials of plastics and for industrial purposes and storage of chemicals depending on the type of materials to be stored and this is done in coordination with the production management and technical support for the company.